My Fat Fox is a small company based in London UK. We have a wide range of sometimes esoteric interests, with a number of books ready for publication and software and audio on the way too, so please check back regularly to see our newest publications. One of our passions is protecting and preserving the fantastic range of flora and fauna we share our planet with. We aim to develop a range of projects, initially colouring books and apps, that will raise people's awareness of some of the most threatened species, and motivate them to help to protect them. This website is a work in progress so some links are currently not yet live, but soon will be.

Ceto-Eco Plastic Recycling
My Fat Fox director Paul Holloway had the idea of combining several existing technologies to make a machine that will eat plastics and turn them back into their constituent hydrocarbons, using only solar, wind and wave energy. He is seeking people who have the skills and resources to explore the idea's feasibility and to make it a reality if possible.

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Endangered Reptiles Colouring Book

Artist Jay Manchand has combined his love of reptiles and his artistic skills to produce this book of ink drawings of reptile species that are under threat around the world. The reader can either colour in the drawing or simply admire it as it is. Each drawing is accompanied by a brief description of the animal and ways we can support efforts to protect it. A third of all profits from sales of this book will go to the London Amphibian and Reptile Group.

Ivan on Funnel Web
The Ocean is Broken

Yachtsman Ivan Macfadyen was horrified by the changes he saw when he sailed from Australia to Japan, ten years after he first made the journey. The lack of fish and other wildlife was striking, as he relates in this interview,

'The Ocean is Broken'.

We hope to work with Ivan to raise money to raise public awareness of these problems, and to find ways of alleviating them.

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